Own your "Voice"

Own your "Voice" is a month long online training to cultivate voice, empower speaking and enhance presence. The training will focus on,
discovering our voice,
learning fundamental vocal techniques,
connecting voice, text & body-mind,
rigorous methods to embody principles of speaking,
active practice for impactful vocal performance.

It is designed as a journey made up of series of experiential processes, explorations of techniques and embodiment practices. With group & individual sessions, each individual will make personal breakthroughs and develop a deeper grasp on their own Voice.

"Our Voice" is the reflection of our inner self. It is sound, thoughts and actions. It is our way to connect with ourselves and the world.

Immerse yourself into a deep process of working with body-mind, energy and breath Facilitated by Akhshay Gandhi

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
- Maya Angelou (American Poet)

During the training, we will,
1. Connect with vocal elements through experiential awareness,
2. Unlock your voice's potential through guided explorations,
3. Learn techniques to use our voice in many ways,
4. Engage in activities to explore and embody principles of speaking,
5. Broaden your vocal range through rigorous practice.

You will,
1. Experience the connection between body-mind-energy
2. Discover your voice
3. Rewire your relationship between, Voice & Thoughts
4. Learn the interplay between breath, voice & text
5. Retune your body to have a grounded presence.
6. Develop intuitiveness in speaking a range of texts from factual information to dramatic monologues.

Upcoming online course

Group sessions: 11 | Individual sessions: 2
28th Mar - 20th April ‘22 | 7-8:30 PM IST
Every Mon, Wed, Fri Online (Google meet)

Key Concepts: Breath | Voice Work | Advanced Voice techniques | Gestural Language | Body-Mind connection | Text work | Storytelling | Speaking Techniques | Presence work

Contact : +91-9986994836 (Anita)
Designed for Performers, Business Executives, Leaders, Women Professionals, Actors, Teachers, Speakers, Managers, and individuals committed to enhancing their speaking abilities. 

Course Session Plan

Akhshay Gandhi is a
Theatre artist | Storyteller | Artistic Director: Still Space Theatre
Performed at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Spoken Fest, Mumbai International Storytelling festival etc.
Speaker at TEDx, Economics Times summit & IATC Conference.
Trained at SITI Company (NYC), Odin Teatret (Denmark), Indian Ensemble (Bangalore).
Recipient of BITSAA 30u30 and Tata Scholar grant