Illuminating Windows

A beginner’s workshop for realistic screen performance with Deepak Subramanya

13th Feb - 4th April 2021


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Insight: Realism as a Form -
Though realism borrows its mnemonics heavily from real life it still is a form and demands from all its students the basic tenet of any form – Technique and Practise to Create. However Realism as a form is misunderstood to be a replica of reality which has taken away the need for technique and practise, in short CRAFT from the students/practitioners of realism.

Intent: To bring Craft to Capacity

Course Details - Duration: 8 weekends / 16 sessions 
13th Feb - 4th April 2021

Platform: Online, Zoom
Classes Target: Working professionals / students who would want to explore the basics of crafting compelling characters for screen acting – Get your audition tape

Elements of the Program:
Universal Dramatic Tenets IOSMA
Approaching a script – Character Bio and Assumptions, Scene Facts
IOSMA Application – To your scene
Improvisation - Scene Composition
Screen Acting Protocols – Frames, Composition
Show – A zoom production
Audition Tape


About Deepak Subramanya

Deepak is a film and theatre actor who has worked in 5 feature films and several short films. He has acted in +50 theatre productions, with 300+ shows across India. He has also been in several ads and brand shoots. He is a trained flautist and an amateur Yakshagana dancer. He is also a course author and facilitator of acting courses for theatre and film acting.

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