Still Space Training

- We believe with consistent training, practice and conducive learning environment, our artistic work could reach excellence.

- We dedicate time to research various aspects of performance and share them through specialized modules in various artistic and non-artistic environment to nurture others.

- Each workshop we offer go through a deep personal engagement with subject, handcrafted designing of modules and rigorous process of passing of knowledge.

Encircled Speaking

Voice, Text & Presence Training

Storytelling Course

Discover storyteller with-in you

An Actor's Craft

The Art & Craft of being an Actor

Encircled Speaking

"Encircled Speaking" is an active practice of integrating Body, Mind and Energy for mastering the art of speaking which is authentic, purposeful and compelling. The practice transforms the inexperienced speakers with real breakthroughs and empowers the experienced ones to step up, for impactful vocal performance.

Own your "Voice" & "Space"

A workshop on techniques of mastering your breath, voice & actions for an impactful vocal performance.

Key Concepts: Breath Work| Free Voice | Voice Techniques| Vocal Presence | Gestural Language | Body-Mind Techniques 

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Masterclass: Extended Program

A 9 session complete encircled speaking program to embody the techniques of, Voice, Speaking and Presence for enhanced vocal performance.

Key Concepts: Deep work on Breath, Body, Voice, Text, Speech, Body Language and Energy.

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Art of Speaking for young adults

A 5 day workshop on voice, text & public speaking for young adults (12-18 years).

Key Concepts: Breath | Voice Work| Body Language | Body-Mind connection | Storytelling | Speaking Techniques | Performance Confidence. 

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The Three Worlds: Storytelling Course

The Three Worlds: A journey for the storyteller in you.
During the 10 session weekend course, we shall explore,
Craft of a performer,
Ocean of Stories &
Storyteller in you.

About the course: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” -Joan Didion One of the most intrinsic thing about us is that we tell stories. It is profoundly embedded in human nature, to understand the world, understand each other and ourselves through stories. Because storytelling is at the centre of human life, we as leaders, artists, parents, teachers, friends, therapists, activists, executives, childrens tell stories to reach the depth of our listener's mind. There are as many ways of telling a story as there are us. And every time it is told it reveals something about who we are as human and how we connect with each other. Like all other fundamental faculties, it needs care and effort to evolve. In this creative & inspiring journey, we will explore the art & craft of a storyteller: weaving a range of stories from mythology to personal, engage with structures, forms & traditions and learn techniques to play with imagination, voice, language & movement. Join us for this storytelling course conducted over weekends, to share, to discover and a way of storytelling unique to you. 

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An Actor's Craft

An Actor’s Craft is an intensive 4 month acting training program by Still Space Theatre. The course aims at embodying principles of performance, enhance actor’s capacity to engage with multiple dimensions of acting and evoke the imaginative landscape of each individual. Sessions are rooted in the belief of transforming the physical, vocal, intellectual, psychological & emotional bodies of an actor & develop a deeper body-mind connection. The training aims at creating community of artists who are committed to become practitioners & creators. Designed & facilitated by Akhshay Gandhi, who brings his training in Suzuki Method, Viewpoints, Odin Teatret’s performance research and other Acting techniques.