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Our performances are created with collaborative process and detailed research over a period of time. We have performed our plays at prestigious venues including, Stanford University, UCLA, Spoken Fest, Mumbai International Storytelling Festival to name few.

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Performances / Collaborations 

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Queerness Project

An exploration of queerness in India. In collaboration with Jonathan Taylor

In Place Of...

A performance inquiring Memory, Violence & Art 

Kaavad Katha: Raga

A folktale inspired by musical journey of Pandit Ravi Shankar

Faustus's Dream

A play about paradox of meaninglessness

Burn My Diaries

A play concerning mental wellbeing

Clearing the Rubble

A radio play about three people in aftermath of an earthquake


Kaavad Katha: Maya

A storytelling tradition from Rajasthan exploring the concept of Maya in Indian Philosophy

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